An unexpected outcome

A friend mentioned today how different the Amahoro experience has been, in terms of our expectations of what the experience would look like. It is a comment that I concur with wholeheartedly. He said he expected to come to The Amahoro International Gathering and hear stories of the amazing work people are doing in their various contexts, but instead, he is learning about himself. And that is exactly what I am experiencing at this Gathering.

I came, fully expecting to reconnect with people I had met last year, to be fully challenged by the plenary sessions, to be moved by the stories that embody both deep suffering and transformative hope, to be fully alive in worship sessions that engages every fibre of my being. Amahoro has been all this, and more. It has also gifted me with something completely unexpected… revelations about myself and my struggle with writing and the deepening of friendships in really beautiful ways.

I never intended to attend the Writers’ track that is being facilitated by editors, Idelette McVicker and Claire DeBoer. I fully intended to attend tracks on social justice, on racism, on politics. But methinks God had other ideas, and in the end, the Writers’ track has been my place of startling vulnerability at this Gathering, a place of unexpected revelations about myself and my writing abilities.

So, watch this space as I attempt to make sense of what God is doing in me, and what this space of writing will become in the near future…


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