Pregnant with anticipation and expectations

The International Amahoro Gathering in Entebbe, Uganda, was overwhelming, but in a good way. It was profound, life-changing, leaving me feeling breathless with anticipation as what God has in store for Francesco and I.

We have been home for almost a week, since this past Monday, but I still feel a bit disconnected, as if I am not yet fully home. Actually, it feels as if my body is present, but the rest of “me” is not. I guess my heart is still with all the people I connected with at the International Gathering, and with those whom I spent time with in Bujumbura, Burundi.

As I was driving home from work today (a place that I am struggling to be in at this moment because all I want to do is write, to process the experiences in Uganda and Burundi, and to work on my Masters), I thought that it might be helpful to categorize some of the experiences instead of trying to work systematically through the time away in chronological order.

So, what I’d like to attempt is to reflect on the following aspects of my time away, and the impact it had on me personally (I might do more than one of the listed aspects in one post):

  • The travelling adventures from Cape Town to Entebbe
  • Our arrival in Entebbe and our time in the zoo;
  • Various aspects about the International Gathering, including:
    • Orientation, especially the Ten Commandments of Communication
    • The opening session led by Kelley and Claude
    • Highlights from the presentations by Uganda (Bishop Zac), Kenya, Rwanda and the DR Congo
    • My deepening friendship with Marlyn and Rob, Idelette and the SheLovesMagazine crew, and Kelley and Claude
    • Experiencing Amahoro with Francesco
    • The Writer’s Track and the unexpected gifts received in this track
    • The preparation for, and the execution of, the South African presentation and the requested South African track that afternoon
    • Feeling the pain of the non-identity of the Coloured community in South Africa
    • New friends, including Prabu and Arsene, whose stories inspired me.
  • The many conversations around Claude and Kelley’s home in Burundi;
  • The celebration of the well in Bubanza;
  • The garden party and the conversations at that party, especially with Carolyn and Sean Callaghan;
  • The pain of saying goodbye

So, hold on to your seats. This is going to be an interesting ride for me and for you who will be journeying with me over the next couple of posts.


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